Still Live?

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Today I was reading about GeoCities – gone

Is this still live?

Today, without really telling them yet, I have dumped one of my hosting companies!

There's a reason why I work with a number of companies, not just one to be hostage to.

Out of the blue, one site got banned.

I receive one of this standard e-mails, you site has been suspended ... yipee, but can you tell me why?

3 emails back to support and nothing.

I leave it alone ... for like 10 hours, then one snippy support technical superior clog tells me that the person in charge of that dept will not be in for another 3 more hours and he can't tell me what the problem is and then he tells me not write about this anymore >!>!??!>@???/

huh ... excuse me?

I wrote 3 times to provide information on the case, not like they care.

What really really really happened ...

The site in question was submitted to StumbleUpon and guess what, it EXPLODED with traffic.

Gee, finally I was getting TONS OF TRAFFIC, but could not monetize from it (i.e., make money from it!) because my site was suspended.

Holding me back from the bucks = not good.

In the end, the site was re-instated over 12 hours later without any compassion (not like I'll ever get it) or any explanation.

Hosting company owners take notice

The economy as such is not in a great situation and as such, try to keep your existing customers, no matter what they pay monthly. Work in increasing your response time and simply let the customer know that you are aware of the problem and are working on it or something. No one like to be left in the dark.

Some of you may have issues generating new customers, but keeping the existing ones is what pays for the trips to Europe, the parties in Montreal and the 3 hour lunches on top of keeping your skilled technical support personas gainfully employed so they can look forward to another day of happy customers.

In this market, due to our open market, there are choices not like in some countries where you only get two brands of state issued toothpaste.

Have I found a replacement?

You bet. They even answered by call, answered my questions, etc ...

And in this new online social networking market, businesses can benefit, because one person tells another person and another person tell another and ...

Super Directory Project

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Today I start the 'Super Directory Project'

Yes there are many directories out there, but this one is different

Yes, I've heard that one before.

The difference this time is there is a development and advertising team involved in this project. Not only that, SEO skills sets are included as well.

More to come

Long Weekend & Still Busy

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Quite the month - not really much time to blog.

have been busy with video marketing campaigns, finishing up a few sites, quoting on projects and tweaking up a few projects.

Follow up on the GoDaddy post ...

These guys called me again wondering what they could do for me and with more special offers [head spinning] - thanks!!!

What's up with Cuil?

Cool you say?!? I keep forgetting how to spell out this new way of cool.

Alison posted about this with mention about the Northern Light search engine. What is even more funnier is that I was speaking with one of the members of the search engine just this week. (More on this later & a great offer for internet marketers & seo'ers).


Turns out, working with BANs sites has actually made me money!!! Transactions in the range of $300-$500 bring in good commissions. (More as well ...)


It's sunny outside, better get out there while it lasts

GoDaddy Rocks!!!

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A little ditty about GoDaddy ...

Their service rocks!!!

I recently had an issue regarding a reseller account I had with them, billing issue.

Went on the phone, waited a bit (but worth it), finally got through, spoke to a LIVE rep, they listened and were able to make adjustments ... no questions, no hassles, plus a nice thank you in the end.

Next day they call. Not to sell, but to indicate they appreciate my on-going business with them, what can they do for me?!?

What? They want to help me out even more?

A bit taken aback, I said sure, call me tomorrow and we can review my account and some upcoming deals!


Now if only Ball Spress Hue can only take note. For weeks we're sitting on the fence wondering whether to keep satellite or not. The answer is becoming more clear with unclear calls to them and questions about quality of service. Yes there are going to be people out there who b*tch, but this is not the place, they'll just lose me as a customer.

Back to GoDaddy ... thanks again and keep up the AWESOME service!

Need nice graphics?

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Recently working on a banner ad campaign and the subject for placing people on banners came up.

We looked at 3 banners, and out of the 3, the one with the person in it caught our attention.

Where do you get these images?

Number one - do not copy someone else's images - big no-no

Buy professional quality for less than a buck

Here are the services I use

or you can also try ...

Royalty-Free Photos By Subscription

Royalty free stock photography community providing stock imagery and tools to photographers.

Many people THINK they know SEO

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There are many that do not according to Search Engine Roundtable

There are so many clueless individuals in this industry

More within the forums

Just because you may be a web designer, you may not be an SEO person.

Chose wisely


You may have a blog, you may have a web site, but traffic will not come unless you coax, prod, point, link for people to visit, comment and review. On the other hand, you may need to work and optimize your web site for the search engines as well.

As for blogging, WordPress is the way to go. Here you will see the latest WordPress features in action.

B2B Business Leads

Had a great conversation on this matter earlier in the day. Revenue potential $15-20K, possible?

It's my birthday today ... yes yes, thank you for your wishes!

An interesting post on Digg I stumbled on. Although I did not make this list of top 20 people Internet Millionaires under 30.

FYI - I am not under 30, so I do not qualify. I'm on other lists not mentioned here. :)


Here is how I spent my Birthday weekend ... floating on a portable office (canoe) on the Okanagan waters.

Thanks again - Have a great day as well!

Case for video marketing

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Nice quote about video marketing

Customers that watch videos convert at twice the rate of customers who do not.

Additional information on video marketing

Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification


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What are you addicted to these days?

How about social networking?

Bookmarking, building links, submitting sites, getting reviews, posting videos, etc ...

Quick tool for FireFox users to bookmark sites - Shareaholic

Various services all in one place, simple and easy to bookmark sites

Tracking with Google Alerts

Recent video on managing your website links and where you site may be linked from, video Google Alerts video here.

Fellow Vancouver-ite John Chow has released his blog report ... inspirational.

Initially starting off at $350 per month, John now enjoys a new record of $32,500+ for the previous month.

Here is his income report ...

Here's his key:

The key to making money online is to drive a lot of traffic and then maximize the income from that traffic.

That's a mortgage payment and then some.

I have recently started my own little blog ramblings called Affiliate Money Tools to help beginners with affiliate marketing and making money on the Internet.

I've been at this over 10+ years, so why not share some joy.

Enjoy the 40K John, I'm right behind you.